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General informations

Peru, thanks to its geography, is a extraordinary country to practice trekking. It is this way because of the options to undertake hiking can be infinite,1 day 30 days the quantity of days, and the different grades of difficulty an the circuit that is chosen all depends on what you choose. Generally, the flights to Peru arrive to Lima, and from there one can choose what that they desire to encounter in their expedition.

The hikes in altitudes above 3 000 meters have conditions which most organisms require adaptation to. In the human case, we can be poorly affected by the high altitude and suffer from illnesses, such as altitude sickness (soroche), this results from a lack of oxygen in the air we breathe. It is necessary to carry some pharmaceuticals that will minimize the affects of soroche.

How to undertake treks in Peru?

The hikes can be arrange in organized groups from the country of origin or they can also be organized here in Peru with people from many other nationalities or as an individual group. If you don't have, or don't wish to bring along, camping gear and other technical materials don't worry! In many of the capitals of departments (states), there are many stores which specialize in equipment. they will be able to facilitate the rental or sale of quality gear, as is the case of JM EXPEDITIONS. that also has this type of service available.

Technical equipment and material necessary

Tent, sleeping bags, sleeping pad / mattress, proper shoes, cook stove, gas, food, adequate clothing, ponchos for rain, emergency medical kits, etc.

The season for Trekking

Peru, being a country with many riches, has an infinity of trekking options. Most of these can be carried out all year round. An exception is those in the Blanca and Huayhuash Ranges, as there is a lot of rain from December to March, but with a bit of luck even these can be done. The most favorable months are from May to October as these constitute the summer months in the Peruvian Andean Highlands, so they are more likely to feature milder weather, making it possible to enjoy all the beauty that Peru has to offer on treks in the mountains.

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