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Climber The season for climbing

The most favorable time for climbing in Peru generally lies between the beginning of May and the month of September. However, it also depends on the particular mountain that you wish to climb, for example, the volcanic Shila Range may be climbed all the year round, as may the easy and moderately difficult mountains in the rest of the ranges. The information on these is located in the summary of the ranges, where each mountain is described in an overview.

How to undertake a climbing?

Peru, because of its great number of mountains, is an interesting option for those who love adventure sports, in this case climbing. The mountains are easily accessed, as it is possible to get very close to the mountain you choose by road. In general, those who wish to commence an ascent earlier get to the mountain by trekking, which enables you to see and enjoy the landscape and, at the same time, acclimatize for the ascent.

JM Expeditions offers you top-quality packages in every activity, as is shown Base campby our including an acclimatization trek in all our packages. Concerning climbing equipment, the mountaineers generally bring their own, but if you do not want to have to transport it to Peru, we offer climbing equipment to rent.

It is not necessary to be a mountaineer to climb in Peru, as the great number of ranges provides an infinity of options. (See the summary of mountains for the difficulty and most favorable season).

Rent Technical Equiment for climbing

Tent, Backpack de 30 a 70 litre, Sleeping bag, Mattress, Thermal clothes (Gore-tex, goose down), Stove for mountain, Mountain shoes, Ice axes, Harness, Grampons, Gloves, Sunglasses, Helmet, Cap, Extra battery, Headlamp, Ropes and cords, Figure (eight), binners, Gaiters,Others.

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